Save Money While Living in the City With These Great Things

Living the urban life can be really exciting. It can also be very expensive. There are plenty of ways to save money though, so you don’t have to spend all of it on boring things such as rent. Instead, spend your money on fun things while saving money on others.

1. A Cheaper Car


You don’t need the typical SUV for most of the time you are living in the city. It is a better idea to own a smaller car, such as the Dodge Dart from dodge san juan capistrano. Not only will your monthly payments be less, but you will also have cheaper payments for things like gas and insurance. With its smaller size, you will find that parking is also a dream. Find out more about the Dodge Dart by going to

2. Minimize Your Living

Housing always turns into one of the most expensive parts of living in the city. There are ways you can lower that through getting a smaller space. Don’t forget that living in a smaller apartment doesn’t always have to seem stifling. If you are wise about your storage and the type of furniture that you have, you will find that you can have an organized and less cluttered space while also saving money on your apartment.

3. Cut Down on Restaurants


One of the best parts of living in the city is being able to eat all sorts of cuisine. However, the costs of dining out can add up fast. Think about packing a lunch a few days a week to make a huge difference in how money you spend. You can also invest in a good espresso machine or other coffee machine to save you money on that daily latte. What may seem like a few dollars can account for hundreds or thousands over the period of a year.

Can ‘Diesel’ Really Be Part of Our Vocabulary?


2007 – The Year From The Diesel Hot Hatch

Looking towards a new year always takes a look back on the trends that developed just last year. What was innovative in the automotive industry inside the first 6 months of 2006 is bound to be main stream come August.

I guess most of us knew subconsciously that it would come, maybe we tried to convince ourselves that oil-burners could never give us that grin inducing performance.

Perhaps the most surprising trend is the introduction of the diesel hot hatch. I guess many of us knew subconsciously that it would come, maybe we tried to convince ourselves that oil-burners could never give us that grin inducing performance. But it is here, and it’s only planning to become more important.

Seat were the first to introduce a true Diesel hot hatch in the guise of the Cupra. An amazing car producing 170bhp from a 2. TDi, while returning anything up to 70mpg (my mate has one and he swears it does this).

Of course high performance diesels will not be new. Audi, Mercedes and BMW have already been making some unbelievably good diesels into two.5 and 3. litre form for a couple of years. However, if we start getting accessible diesels, modders have to ask are they prepared to switch to oil?

Hopefully TorqueCars can be at the forefont in helping you decide. We will be reporting on the new Golf, Leon and Astra Alfa 147 and 159 Diesels over the next few weeks, and also discussing the merits of some the older diesel options.

For the time being, it may appear to be sacrilege to even look at a diesel, and to be honest we aren’t exactly sold on the thought ourselves.

But think of this…should you do 10,000 miles a year with your modded car then switching to a diesel could save you over £500 per year just in fuel – in my book that’s an uprated ECU in year 1, plus a nitrous kit in year 2! Hmm…let us know your ideas.