Cars You May Think Are Boring But Actually Make For An Impressive Ride

No one wants to drive a boring car. Think about it, you spend so much time in your car and not only that, there are so many people who judge others by what car they drive. Think you don’t do that? Yes you do, everyone does it. It doesn’t mean you’re a bad person or that you have no hope and are destined for destitudeness, but you judge others by their car. It’s just a fact. So when you’re in the market for a new car but don’t have an infinite budget to work with, it’s important to get a car that is practical and within your budget but won’t break the bank and still looks cool. Don’t worry, we got you covered. You won’t go wrong with these cars, even if you think they may be boring initially.

Subaru Outback


This is not a car for soccer moms anymore. The Outback is indeed a station wagon, normally a boring car meant for carrying a lot of Sunny D and sweaty children, but these cars are actually full of fun too. There are even a few heterosexual males in their 30’s who dare to own and operate Subaru Outbacks. It’s actually less courageous than you think because they are pretty good cars. They have power and versatility and can off roading. If you want some adventure with your car, the Subaru Outback is not a bad option and you will probably even enjoy spinning around the block and to the store and back. Sure it seems boring on the outside, but for the price, it’s actually a pretty fun car.

Nissan Xterra


Remember 10 or so years ago when having an SUV somehow seemed exciting and ballsy, and showed how cool and off the beaten path you were? And then everyone started getting them and every company started making them. I mean, Saturn even had an SUV before the company went under. That says something. Then came the era where if you got an SUV, it showed you were a narrow minded hater of the planet Earth. It because a social faux pax to have an SUV. Well, it’s becoming okay again to get a SUV, and the Xterra is why. Check them out at Ontario Nissan and you may be surprised to see that it’s a pretty cool ride, though a bit boring, and it’s okay to drive it again now that gas prices are coming back down to earth. Here, have a little look-see at them here:

Honda Odyssey


The Odyssey is the exception that proves the rule in terms of cool minivans that may seem boring because they’re minivans. If you just dismiss all minivans outright, you will be missing an opportunity to get a truly stylish and very versatile and reliable vehicle. The Odyssey, if well maintained, could easily last 200,000+ miles and be sporty and comfortable the whole time. Don’t let the social stigma of a minivan get you down, instead, let it keep your spirits up as you drive around in style.