Are Women Better Drivers Than Men

Controversial I know but it doesn’t harm to mix things up a little bit every now and then does it? There have been plenty of jokes flying around for years . . . well, since the arrival of the motor car actually, about women drivers but women have traditionally enjoyed cheaper car insurance rates which would indicate that insurance companies consider them to be a much safer alternative.


Let’s take a sneaky peak at a few facts.
The reality is that women drivers are involved in fewer accidents than men, and if they are involved in an accident it will usually be at a lower speed which creates less damage.
Some men will hardly be able to disguise their disbelief in that fact that women are considered to better drivers than them, and there’s lots of evidence to support it. Women are less likely to be pulled over by the traffic cops for speeding offences, less likely to be involved in collisions and accidents and generally make fewer insurance claims than their male counterparts.
Okay, but surely there could be some other circumstances which support the facts. According to one study women drivers are 28% less likely to drive in the dark than men; this is a time when there is a much higher risk of being involved in an accident. Women are also around 12% less likely to break the speed limits than men and 11% less likely to stamp on the brakes which would, I’m sorry to say suggest that they are in fact the better drivers.


One of the main bones of contention which men say about women drivers is their lack of parking skills. Studies have found however, that although many women may take just a few more seconds to completely their parking maneuvers than men, the end result is often much better. Women are more likely to leave their vehicle in a central parking position unlike men who tend to rush things and worry less about straying into the next parking area.
Take a look at the majority of couples driving along the road and the man will be behind the wheel… unless they are returning home from a party where copious amounts of alcohol have been involved in which case it is somehow the ladies turn to drive.
So what makes women better drivers than men?
In general terms men are more aggressive, competitive creatures and therefore inclined to drive faster and push their vehicles closer to the limits. This is particularly evident in young men up to the age of around 25 years who are by far the highest accident risk group of all. Women are also more likely to drive with children on the school run which is another reason that they may be more careful and protective.
I can hear what’s coming next – if women are so good at driving why are there not more of them in motorsport?
Well, it’s true that women in motor sport are few and far between but the traits which make them better drivers on the road are not traditionally the qualities which make a world class race car driver.


Sorry guys, you might think that the road is predominantly a male domain but women are the better drivers. They may not get there quicker, they may take a little more time and a little more care but they are much more likely to arrive at their destination in one piece . . . and isn’t that what being “good” is all about?
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