2014 BMW 328i xDrive & 2007 BMW 328i – Wagon Brains


There’s a noble and long tradition of sport wagons in Europe that for some reason has never fully translated to this particular side of your Atlantic. The thought of moving more than two people plus cargo comfortably, with and efficiently agility seems like a no-brainer, nevertheless the glut of SUVs and minivans on the freeways suggests most Americans don’t share this view.a difficult-core group of Europhiles who be aware of the advantages and relish the cool factor of owning something unexpected. Audi and Mercedes currently offer some of the most desirable sport wagons on the planet, regardless of whether not all are available here (that means you, Audi RS4). And while BMW hasn’t had any such product to stir the emotions for a few years, it will at least acknowledge the existence of a small, loyal band of wagon aficionados and services them with a stylish 3 Series wagon.

2014 BMW 328i xDrive 2007 BMW 328i 12

2014 BMW 328i xDrive 2007 BMW 328i 14

2014 BMW 328i xDrive 2007 BMW 328i 15

Two such BMW wagon fans will be the owners of the cars seen here. Circumstances led them down similar wagon trails, though have owned a number of performance cars in the past.

The 2014 F31 BMW 328i xDrive is owned by Stan events, motorsport and Chen manager at Toyo Tire USA. Long-standing European Car enthusiasts might remember him as being the founder of tuning shop DTM Autohaus, a businessThrough which time he drove a modified 5 Series, chen sold that business in 2004 before joining Toyo. His wife, Chelsea, was the main obstacle to this plan, even though he had hankered after a station wagon for a long time. The imminent birth with their firstValentina and child, tipped the balance in his favor.

The Mercedes E-Class wagon was eliminated because it wouldn’t fit their garage, since they live in one of the trendier aspects of Southern California. Therefore the choice narrowed down to the Audi allroad and the BMW, with the 328i xDrive having the nod because Mrs. Chen didn’t much like theHowever, that can be a benefit if it’s been on the lot for a few weeks. Snagging a good deal, Chen immediately set about sourcing parts and planning his SEMA 2014 build. If you’d like to view it in person, the auto will be shown on the Toyo Treadpath.


A veteran of the tuning industry, Chen mapped out a strategy. It involved a myriad of big names to ensure a top quality build, beginning with the M Performance online catalog at bmwusa.com. BMW’s entry into the aftermarket business provides a selection of high-quality parts that may be ordered from your BMW dealer and even included withThese parts were only designed for cars using the M Sport trim package, although in this instance, BMW was one of the few resources. Fortunately, the company gives an M Sport retrofit kit, allowing people who own lesser models to update their bumpers to the higher specification. Together with the new bumpers in place, Chen could fit the M Performance three-piece front splitter and rear diffuser. He also added along side it tailgate and bladestowards the white exterior-apart from the diffuser and splitter, that were painted from the same charcoal gray as being the HRE wheels. Before Porsche Irish Green was applied to strategic areas like the wheel rims and leading edges of the spoilers, along side it skirts also received a splash of gray.

2014 BMW 328i xDrive m sport front bumper 32

2014 BMW 328i xDrive m sport front bumper 27

2014 BMW 328i xDrive m sport rear bumper 31

An identical green stripe was applied along the sides, which older enthusiasts might recognize being a tribute towards the AC Schnitzer ACS3 CSL II. The Coupe Lightweight Silhouette II was in line with the E36 M3 and caused a stir when it was unveiled inside the mid-’90s. Finished in a similar green, it had yellow highlights, which Chen has echoed with his Ferrari-yellow M Performance brake calipers-another official accessory which uses multi-piston Brembo brakes included in thewhite and green color scheme. This addition hasn’t won universal approval from his better half, but Chen rationalizes it by being able to keep his car care products separate from the baby formula. It’s also in the fine European tradition of packing everything you have into a small vehicle and traveling long distances, and this combination of wagon and roof box is a common sight throughout thethe household the chance to explore winter slopes. Ordinarily, this could be a fine option for the 328i xDrive, but Chen has extracted more horsepower using a piggyback control module from your ECU Tuning Group. We’re unable to verify any numbers, despite the fact that it’s claimed to provide a healthy power increase. It will suggest that some Toyo’s high-performance summer tires might be needed soon, however.

Chen ensured the wagon would sound more purposeful with a cat-back MXP exhaust (previously called Mevius) with four black chrome tips. Fortunately, the noise isn’t loud enough to disturb the sleeping offspring.

2014 BMW 328i xDrive thule sonic roof box 28

2014 BMW 328i xDrive m sport rear bumper 29

2014 BMW 328i xDrive m performance side blades 30

The interior only has a collection of Recaro Sportster CS front seats, but such a well-equipped wagon needed little else. Chen did visit Alpine Coding to possess all the European options activated on the car, so it presently has emergency brake lights, an M Performance logo about the dash at start-up, the opportunity to turn off the daytime running lights and tire pressures displayed by the TPMS. With all the parts assembled and the car built in a fastpaced two days at The Shop in CulverCity and California, this F31 cuts through traffic with panache. It’s a modern car with retro accents and proves that it’s easy to stand out from the group without having to make sacrifices in designCanada and California, experienced a similar wish to create an interpretation of your ultimate 3 Series wagon. His starting place was the priorair and paint ride for extra attention.

Again, Camarador is a mainstay of the West Coast tuning community, previously known for a 2000 Honda Civic (EK) and later an E46 M3. His current fleet includes a modified 997.2 Porsche 911 GT3, Lexus lS 460, right-hand-drive S13 Nissan 240SX, Honda Element daily driver and thatWhen he bought his 2007 BMW 328i last year, he fully intended to modify it heavily, but took his time finding the right shop. Anyone who pays focus on the SoCal BMW tuning scene won’t be surprised to learn Camarador eventually arrived at the entrance of our good friend at LTMotorwerks. Long Tran and his crew had recently completed an M3 conversion on another E91. So, with all the research and development conducted on the first car, the 2nd would be a breeze, Tran assured him.an incredible choice, built-in custom sizes and finished in custom colors by James at his Floss Design business.

Creating a convincing M3 conversion is far from plain sailing, however. The very first task is sourcing the countless parts. This included the full M3 front-end: bumper, radiator support,hood and headlights, air ducts, fenders and bellypan. Everything fits fairly easily, but it has to be aligned properly, which takes usually.

The hardest aspect of the swap was the rear end. Although the E91 wagon is a lot like the E90 sedan, you can find differences, particularly around the lights and tailgate. As a result, fitting the rear bumper was actually a real challenge. And to make it harder, it must be aligned with the M3 rear quarter-panels, which also have to be grafted precisely into position. These then dictate the location of the side skirts. Oh, and all four M3 fender liners are needed toin all the right places. They then painted it within the E46 M3’s distinctive Laguna Seca Blue to ensure an eye-catching finish.

Beyond its M3 panels, the 328i also sports a GT4-style dry carbon-fiber front lip from Vollkommen Design in addition to M Performance black grilles. LTMW even carried out an LCI upgrade, using the later window trim and taillights. This sounds easy enough, but actually delayed the project for four weeks while awaiting delivery in the trim from Germany, since it wasn’t offered as an option in the United States.

2007 BMW 328i m3 side skirts 21

2007 BMW 328i volkommen design GT4 front lip 23

2007 BMW 328i BBS E88 wheels 22

The carbon lip must fear for its life because, thanks to the AirREX air suspension, Camarador may bring it into contact with terra firma on the touch of a button on the digital display. With AirREX bags at each corner, a five-gallon air tank plus a Viair compressor, Camarador will be able to set it low for show. He’s also able to increase the car and drive it home, however. Not that he does. He likes to get it slammed all the time, with his cruising setting below most people would dare.

The eagle-eyed can have noticed that furthermore the E91 wagon wear a set of highly desirable staggered BBS E88 wheels, but they’re an alternative color on either side. This might be partially our fault.

2007 BMW 328i m sport controlsan organization called Floss Design. He refinishes wheels or creates custom finishes to customers’ specifications. When he asked us what color we’d want to see the wheels, we couldn’t decide between silver or gold. So he gave us both options. No less than it supports our dilemma, because even now we can’t decide which we prefer.

Behind the wheels is a set of M Performance big brakes with the calipers painted yellow. There’s yet another BurgerTuning Juice Box piggyback ECU to deliver the straight-six with a little more pep. Why doesn’t the vehicle have a more potent powerplant? It’s also expensive, Camarador said, though The M3 bodywork represents the 1st stage of your comprehensive conversion. So while major engine work is planned, the car remains at stage one in the meantime. We hope to either fit the newAs it stands, Camarador loves cruising in his stanced 328i. He occasionally uses its cargo hold for business purposes, but mostly he enjoys people’s reactions when they first spot the Laguna Seca M3-a rare occurrence in its own right. Is the subsequent double take when they realize it’s a wagon, although what gives him one of the most satisfaction.