1985 Toyota Corolla AE86 – Oh L’amour


So far as legendary chassis go, the AE86 is most definitely on the top 10 list of all time. In reality, one can argue that it should also be in the top 5. That chassis is so good from the factory that Toyota tried to replicate the feeling of driving an AE86 some 30 years later with the FR-S. With that said, it’s a no brainer that Hachi-Roku Toyota Corolla is such a hit one of the “Tuner” crowd. More often then not, the current day examples you see with this car on the road today, are at best, barely operational. The majority of them have cracked dashes, missing wires, cut up interiors, battle scars,dents and rust, as well as at least 20 other things wrong with them. There may be one however, that we have experienced our eyes on for a time that is almost museum quality perfect. Added to that, the owner happens to beto get the perfect “driver’s” AE86. Many of you may not know specifically what that statement means so allow us to explain. No big body flares, no crazy motor swap, no hacked up wiring, no roll cage, nothing but quality parts, and everything done to perfection. The entire point using this car is to get in, drive it, appreciate it, and keep it reliable all the time. Even the AC and Radio still works! Take a closer look in the next AE86 you see on your way, we’re prepared to bet there’s a hole where the radio employed to fit with a lot of loose wires, along with AC that probably hasn’t worked for the past twenty years, even though now that may seem like obvious features to obtain in any car.selecting the monster motor build of the century, he made a decision to improve and expand on what the first Toyota engineers had under consideration. He purchased a spare 4AGE from a crashed GT-S back when he was in high school and used that motor to offer him with any replacement parts he needed for his Hachi-Roku. The first thing he did was tear everything down and drop all the vitals off at Amazon Racing in Huntington beach CA. Everything was refreshed and dialed in: from a knife balanced crank, to a 5 angle valve job, to some ported and polished manifold and head to little things like balancing the flywheel around the crank John made sure everything rotated smoothly and efficiently. John wanted to create moderate power with improving the flow and enhancing the feel of the engine so the head was decked 2 Mil’s as well. When reassembling the motor, John also wanted to make sure that the engine bay retained its “stock” appearance, so everything that was original with the car was re-installed in the engine bay, essentially making the vehicle look like it just left the show room floor. When everything was reassembled, John mated the drivetrain to a custom clutch and flywheel and plumbed the motor with TRD headers as well as a New Old Stock HKS hi-power exhaust.